2009년 8월 28일 금요일

NYC Story ) Day 06

I could share this day in two time :
Vintage shop part & select shop part.
Those two together could be the equivalent of
Marais in Paris or Garosugil in Seoul.
Pretty shops and cafe's paradise!
Oh, and the thing is, at hazard I got in a shop and
met a buyer I've met in Paris in June when I was doing
my internship at Jehee Sheen's showroom!
He is actually the owner of Assembly New York, a pretty,
stylish (and crowded by customers) shop in lower east side (photo below).
I particularly loved the men's wear selection.
But seriously, who knew he was in this shop in this district?
What a small world!
이 하루를 둘로 나눌 수 있겠다 :
빈티지샵 그리고 셀렉트샵.
이 둘은 파리의 마레지구 또는
서울의 가로수길의 해당하는 듯 하다.
예쁜 샵과 카페의 천국 !
아 그리고 이번 6월 Jehee Sheen에서 인턴쉽할 때
파리에서 만난 바이어를 우연히 만난 것이다.
예쁜, 스타일리쉬한 (그리고 손님으로 붐비는)
Assembly New York 샵의 사장님이셨던거다.
특히 샵의 남성복 셀렉션이 너무 예뻤다.
근데 이 동네의 이 샵에 있을 줄 누가 알았겠어.
진짜 세상 좁다!

spinach & goat cheese omelet

Vintage shop
location : Eastvillage, a nest of vintage.

E.7th~11th, between 2nd and 1st avenue.

my favorites :
local clothing for its vintage but hype selection
fabulous fanny for its magnificent old eyewear collection
+ a select shop called "Pas de deux" sweet and fabulous selection
(phillip lim, Loaffer randall, acne...)

Select shop

location : lower east side
Stanton st., Orchard st., Ludlow st., ...

my favorites :
Assembly New York for its gorgeous men selection
In god we trust for its jewelry (simple with a mome incruted in)
The reformation for its own brand "the reformation" so IN and so fab!
+ Daha vintage store for its dresses and boots

2009년 8월 27일 목요일

NYC Story ) Day 05

1.2. Flushing Korea Town
where I met an old contact!
I felt like in Korea here with all these Korean posters everywhere.
Bus Q32 (amazing bus line! it goes everywhere)
3.4. Madison square garden
with iced passion tea lemonade ;)
Sab, we definitely have to go to see a game! I'm in now!
Bus Q23 (i love this line!)
5.6. Home sweet home

NYC Story ) Day 04

Song Dong

Sarah Lucas
"It's not the End of the world (remember me)"
Shape made with cigarettes

Kerry James Marshall
Christian Holdstad
"Kissing couple in Jean Pants and Green Bathroom"

Tom Wesselman
"Still life #3"
paint+collage with real refrigerator door

Andy Warhol
Campbell's soup
George Brecht

Daniel Spoerri
"Kichka's Breakfast I"

St Patrick's Cathedral



Today's plan was going to Frick collection but once there, I realized that they were closed on Monday.Then I turned my steps to MOMA (Museum of modern art).
From 68th st. Hunter college station, i walked down a part of Madison Avenue + 5th Avenue.The time I got Moma was 2.30 p.m.
Ticketing(12$ if student), Audio guide renting and planing my itinerary, already 3 pm!Museum was closing at 5.30. Quick quick!
First thing I saw the "Song Dong" Project.
This chinese artists is presenting for his first time in the United States "Waste Not",man installation of the full complement of worldly (junk) goods collected with her mother as an art project.
Goods exposed were well preserved and reminded me how huge quantity we are using, wasting and throwing away everyday. More than an art project, it also is an eco-awaring project.

Second thing I saw :Media art works and illustrations on the 2nd floor.
Third thing :Architecture & Design / Photographs / Paintings on the 3rd floor.

오늘의 계획은 프릭 컬렉션을 보는 것이었지만 가보니 월요일날은 문을 닫은 것이 아니겠는가.그렇게 모마로 걸음을 돌렸다.
68th st. Hunter college 역에서 매디슨 애비뉴와 5th 애비뉴를 쭉 걸어 내려갔다.모마에 도착한 시간은 오후 2시 30분.티케팅(학생은 12$), 오디오 가이드 렌팅 그리고 경로를 짜다 보니 어느새 3시!박물관은 5시 반에 닫는데.. 빨리빨리!
첫번째로 본 것은 "song dong"프로젝트 였다.
이 중국 예술가는 "waste not"라는 작품으로 처음으로 미국에서 전시를 한다.Waste not은 송의 어머니와 함께 하나의 예술작품으로서 모은 폐물들이다.
내가 본 물건들은 전부 보존이 잘 되어 있었고 우리가 매일 얼마나 많은 양을 쓰고, 낭비하고 버리는지 다시금 알게 해줬다.
예술 프로젝트라는 점에서 더 나아가 환경에 대해 일깨워주는 프로젝트이기도 하다.

두번째로 본 것 :2층의 미디어 예술과 일러스트레이션
세번째 :3층의 건축과 디자인 / 사진작품 / 페인팅

50, 60년대의 기발하고 모던한 작품들.
그 시대의 사회배경이나 주장하던 권리등을 옅볼 수 있다.

2009년 8월 24일 월요일

NYC Story ) Day 03

Resume :
View of gloomy sunrise from room

Union Square
I ate delicious brocoli/cheddar biscuit and pumpkin muffin at Union Squ. park and discovered my US bra size at American Eagle lol

Sixth Ave
My Dear Urban Outfitters !
It never disappoints me, how possible?
I hardly want one in Paris !!!!!!
I had a break at Starbucks next to Urban and I met this guy, Lonny, a movie writer as he said.
At the beginning we talked about my trip, Korea, Korean, Japan, America, American, Racism, Buying, his job, his movie, my next destination of the day and then, he proposed me to come to soho with me. (um...) Situation was pretty weird and a bit uncomfortable then i told him i'll continue by myself.(ouf)

We crossed christopher st., Washington Park (with Paris' Triumph Arc miniature version) and all these houses. I love this kind of simply chic architecture style and their colors.

Broadway, Soho

My picture of the day
Photo du jour
오늘의 사진

Opening Ceremony

Canal st.